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Thank Goodness for Lake LBJ

As Texas continues to be impacted by an historic drought, those of us fortunate enough to be located on Lake LBJ seem to be the lucky ones right now. Based on a report by the LCRA, here is a report about the drought by the numbers:

- Lowest annual inflows (water flowing into the lakes) since 1942: 127,802 acre-feet in 2011 - Lowest historical combined storage in lakes Buchanan and Travis: 621,221 acre-feet (about 31 percent full)occurred on Sept. 9, 1952, during the worst drought on record in the lower Colorado River basin

- Amount of water in lakes Buchanan and Travis when full: 2.01 million acre-feet – about 655 billion gallons - The last time Lake Buchanan was full (at or above 1,020 feet above mean sea level (feet msl)) was February 2005. - The last time Lake Travis was full (at or above 681 feet msl) was May 2010.

- Lowest combined storage levels in lakes Buchanan and Travis by drought since 1942*: o 621,221 acre-feet on Sept. 9, 1952 (1947-57 Drought of Record). o 637,123 acre-feet on Sept. 19, 2013 (2008-present drought). o 639,141 acre-feet on Sept. 16, 1964 (1961-65 drought). o 829,470 acre-feet on Oct. 7, 1984 (1982-86 drought). o 956,478 acre-feet on Oct. 15, 2000 (1998-2001 drought).

Pretty scary numbers. So while we all pray for alot of rain, we can also be very thankful for being on one of the best places in the country, Lake LBJ.

While on lake LBJ, a great place to stay is Horseshoe Bay Vacation Rentals. They are providing luxury water front rentals.

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