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Best BBQ near Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Ok, you come to Horseshoe Bay and you are on Lake LBJ all day. You realize how being active all day makes you hungry and are ready for some good food. Well,

Horseshoe Bay Vacation Rentals wants to help you with what we believe are the best BBQ places within a 30 minute drive of Horseshoe Bay. So here we go:

Ok we have loved Peete Mesquite forever it seems. They are located in Marble Falls, so they are only about 15 minute from us. They have amazing ribs, brisket and turkey. Their Friday specials on the ribs is always one of our favorites. They have been voted best BBQ in the area for 15 years in a row, so I think they must be pretty good.

Located in historic Llano, about 30 mins from Horseshoe Bay Vacation Rentals, this BBQ places is simply one of the oldies but goodies. You can smell the BBQ from the minute you arrive. They are famous for their "Big Chop". This is simply what a great BBQ joint should look, smell and be like. If you looking for an authentic Texas BBQ expereince, then its hard to go wrong at Coopers. We love it there during Deer season. Love talking to all the hunters.

3) Opie's Barbeque

Located in Spicewood, Texas this BBQ joint is on its way toward Austin down 71. We love this place for the brisket, sides and lots of good pies. The people are always friendly and the food is delicious. Everytime we make our way towards Austin, we make it a point to stop at Opie's.

Horseshoe Bay Vacation Rentals wants to help all visitors coming to Lake LBJ or Horseshoe Bay. We are one of the leading boutique property management companies focusing on Horseshoe Bay Rentals and Lake LBJ Rentals. If you are looking to rent in the area or want to find a property management company, please give us a call or visit our website for more information

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